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Velociraptor is watching you

Just a quick note. Following three weeks after online publication, the paper on nocturnality in dinosaurs is now published in print, as well: Schmitz, L. & R. Motani (2011). Nocturnality in dinosaurs inferred from scleral ring and orbit morphology. Science, … Continue reading

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Nocturnal dinosaurs

Nocturnal dinosaurs. Wait a second! Is that right? Nocturnal (= night-active) dinosaurs? Yes, indeed. Contrary to what was commonly believed, many dinosaurs were likely nocturnal.  We have to change our perception of the dinosaur era. All details about methods, results, … Continue reading

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Eye shape revisited

In the anticipation of the publication of our dinosaur paper I thought it may be timely to highlight one of my latest papers: Schmitz, L. & R. Motani (2010). Morphological differences between the eyeballs of nocturnal and diurnal amniotes revisited … Continue reading

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