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Retinal Topography Maps in R

I’m happy to report that we published a paper in Journal of Vision this week. It’s a methods paper on an open-source R package for retinal topography mapping and comparison. The paper represents part 1 of Brian’s senior thesis — … Continue reading

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The eyes of reef fishes

Peter and I recently published a paper in BMC Evolutionary Biology and today the final HTML and PDF versions have become available. BMC is an open access journal, so everyone can read the paper: Schmitz, L. & P.C. Wainwright (2011). … Continue reading

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An optical illusion?

Zooplanktivory is one of the most distinct feeding niches in coral reef fish and many morphological traits have been interpreted as adaptations to feeding on plankton in the water column above the reef. One of these traditional hypotheses is that … Continue reading

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The eyes have it!

My goal is to develop this blog into an interesting resource for anyone who is interested in the evolution of eyes. In my own research I mostly focus on morphological evolution of vertebrate eyes, including reef fish, mammals, lizards, plus … Continue reading

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