The Press Club

Here is a short, incomplete round-up of the press coverage that our papers in Science and Evolution received.

Nature (subscription required), “Dinosaur predators hunted in the dark”

The New York Times, “Some Dinosaurs Liked the Night Life, Eye Bones Show”

The Wall Street Journal, “That’s Not a Dinosaur!”

NPR, “A Look In The Eye Reveals Killer Habits Of Dinosaurs”

San Francisco Chronicle, “UC Davis dinosaur eye bone study offers new view”

U.S. News, “Dangerous Dinos Came Out After Dark”

USA Today, “The earliest mammals may have spent much of their short, terrified lives hiding from rampaging, night-hunting velociraptors, new research shows.”

Spiegel Online, “Dinosaurier jagten auch nachts”

Zeit Online, “Einige Saurier waren Nachtschwärmer”

NewScientist, “First evidence that some dinosaurs were nocturnal “

CNN, “Predator dinosaurs may have been night-hunters”

BBC, “Dinosaurs were active both day and night, study claims”

…and several great blog posts:

Smithsonian Dinosaur Tracking, “Just When You Thought Velociraptor Couldn’t Get Scarier”

National Geographic News Watch, “Exploring the Realm of Senses in Dinosaurs and Their Relatives”

Not Exactly Rocket Science, “Dinosaurs around the clock, or how we know Velociraptor hunted by night”

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