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Nocturnal dinosaurs, again: the strength of discriminant analysis in quantitative paleobiology

More on nocturnal dinosaurs, or, importantly, on our quantitative approach to infer ecology and behavior in fossil vertebrates. Hall et al.’s technical comment provided us with the opportunity to further explain the strength of our approach. Schmitz, L. & R. … Continue reading

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Velociraptor is watching you

Just a quick note. Following three weeks after online publication, the paper on nocturnality in dinosaurs is now published in print, as well: Schmitz, L. & R. Motani (2011). Nocturnality in dinosaurs inferred from scleral ring and orbit morphology. Science, … Continue reading

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Nocturnal dinosaurs

Nocturnal dinosaurs. Wait a second! Is that right? Nocturnal (= night-active) dinosaurs? Yes, indeed. Contrary to what was commonly believed, many dinosaurs were nocturnal.  We have to change our perception of the dinosaur era. All details about methods, results, and … Continue reading

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Eye shape revisited

In the anticipation of the publication of our dinosaur paper I thought it may be timely to highlight one of my latest papers: Schmitz, L. & R. Motani (2010). Morphological differences between the eyeballs of nocturnal and diurnal amniotes revisited … Continue reading

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